Observations Made While Riding The 6' Mahi

This week, I had the opportunity to take the 6'0 Mahi, one of South Bay Board Co.'s most versatile surfboards, out for a spin. Its unique shape makes it both manageable and dynamic, so I wanted to see how it handled the overhead waves from the recent swell. Here are my key observations about the Mahi's performance.


The Mahi is capable of speeding down the line swiftly. I found that with a two-fin design, I could surf quickly breaking waves easily. As you become more comfortable taking tight turns with the Mahi, you can explore a variety of new maneuvers in your surfing.


In exchange for its 40L of volume, which makes it a bigger board than a typical PU/epoxy shortboard, the Mahi soft top offers significant paddling power and buoyancy. This provides the user with the ability to get into any wave.

Submerging Like a Duck

Given the increased size, duck diving the Mahi can be challenging for those inexperienced with the technique. As it is too small to turtle roll, it requires the diver to rock the board from side to side in order to submerge it. Much like with larger boards, the diver must go rail to rail when attempting to duck dive the Mahi.

Boosting Your Efficiency

The Mahi's design and build make it a breeze to ride. The twin/quad fin setup gives you the option to play around with both speed and reliability. It is also perfect for trying out fresh stunts and maneuvers. On days that are tiny, it is still good.

The Mahi has a fish shape that enables it to perform well in small waves. Its paddling energy and capacity allows it to get into almost any type of wave. Therefore, when the swell comes to an end, this board continues to bring a lot of enjoyment.

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