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A Guide on Selecting the Perfect Surfboard Based on Age and Experience

Looking to ride the waves like a pro? Whether you're a seasoned surfer or just starting out, choosing the right surfboard is key to improving...
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The Zen of Surfing: Exploring the Spiritual Side of Riding Waves

Surfing is not just a sport; it's a profound spiritual experience that connects individuals with the powerful forces of nature. In the world of riding...
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South Bay Board Co. is a family owned and operated Board & Beach Company. We realized our industry was prioritizing the profits of big box stores and surf shops over YOU, the customer. Off the rack prices in shops these days are OBSCENE!

We knew we could make way better boards for beginners and intermediate surfers and paddlers, so we had no choice but to send it - and we are very happy we did!

Our mission is simply to provide the absolute best quality materials and premium performance focused shapes to you without breaking your bank account. We wanted to ensure that if you did decide to spend your hard earned money on an epic new SBBC board, that you would be absolutely stoked on your order, from the unboxing all the way to the last session with it out in the water!


  • 6' Hybrid Surfboard: "Listen, I don't usually write reviews, but I had to say something. A little background. I have ridden all different makes, construction, and shapes of boards, and have been surfing for most of my life. The first session on the board was head high to 3ft overhead and hollow. The board performed better than I hoped it would. Had no trouble making late drops, reeling sections, and was super easy to paddle. The construction of the board is solid. The foam on top takes wax almost like a regular board and definitely better than a normal soft top. There is no unwanted flex, and the fcsII plugs are solid. I will have no problem taking this thing out in the heaviest the east coast has to offer. In my opinion this is a killer deal and can't wait to see what other shapes they come out with. YEWWW! Killer job making the sport more accessible with a lower start up cost. SOFT TOP REVOLUTION FTW!!!"
    - Mike W.
  • 48" Inflatable Body Board: "WOW - My daughters and I absolutely love these body boards - The fact that you can inflate and deflate and throw them in a duffle bag to bring with us anywhere is great as we like to go to the beach often and have a lake house we get to visit where I'm sure we will bring these now as well. They are amazingly high quality and very stiff when inflated. My daughters and I both think that catching waves was way easier with these than typical body boards we are used to using, most likely because of how floaty they are. The pirate squid on the bottom is the best part by far :) Great quality, awesome design, super fun and easy to use - recommending to my friends with out a doubt!"
    - Lisa D.
  • 8' Premium Beginner Surfboard: "Finally got it in the water yesterday, and I have to say, from never surfing to getting on this board is a life changer, I cannot express enough gratitude towards this company and the way the board is made. I ate it a couple times but that’s to be had. I do have a background in skateboarding which I think helped a ton but other than that this board doesn’t need any wax, gripped my feet like no tomorrow and rode it all the way down after the wave. If you're thinking of a beginner board, or even are a pro I think you would love this board. Thanks South Bay!"
    - Ben T.
  • 11'6 Inflatable fishing Paddle Board: "I have wanted a SUP for the last two years, during which time is spend countless hours researching and reviewing every brand out there trying to decide which was the right one for me. Specifically, I was looking for one that I could use for cruising the lake as well as fly-fishing. After nearly two years of paralysis by analysis I settled on the South Bay 11'6 Hippocamp Fishing ISUP and I could not be happier with the purchase. Not only does it come with a number of great features and attachments, but their customer service is off the charts!"
    - H. Shanklin
  • 52" Wakesurf Board: "Been really enjoying this board for the past weeks since it arrived. Board came about 5 days after purchase. Was well wrapped and packaged with no damage. Feels stable and rides smooth. Since riding mine my sister is now planning on buying one for her boat. Highly recommend."
    - Sally G.