Summer...Is that You?

Hey everyone,


Thanks for checking in this week. It's the last week of April and the first few days of May are finally here.


In what has been one of the craziest starts to a year ever, 2020 has been anything but expected. This virus that has taken over has shell shocked the entire world. With crazy new ways of living being thrust into our daily lives, nothing had the same mental effect as not being allowed to go surf. 


Hello, my name is Alex, I'm the Director of Operations & Product Design here at South Bay Board Co.. That's just a fancy way of saying I do a lot for this brand, from design, sourcing, testing, shipping, customer service, and marketing, I have my hand in it all. 


As our brand has grown, so have by day to day responsibilities. My totem-pole of urgent To-Do items seems to be never ending and is constantly overwhelming. From texts, to calls, to emails pinging and dinging 24/7, sometimes your boy just needs to un-plug...don't we all. 


When this Virus shutdown our local beaches, I was shook. All that went through me head was "they can't really keep us all out of the ocean" and "this s*** can't last long, I'll be out there in a week or two," and my favorite "they aren't going to give out tickets." 


Man, was I wrong. I even have a $1000 ticket to prove it. So while every Lance Armstrong wanna-be facebook group of bike riders continues to pack our streets and abuse traffic rules biking within 1-2 feet of each other, us surfers are sitting here itching to get out in the salt water. 


To say I am going a little stir crazy wouldn't do it justice. Let me surf!


Thankfully, this week we saw some light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, the genius people of San Diego allowed their people back in the water. Word on the street, the Los Angeles County is watching closely and should follow in the same steps soon!


What does that have to do with South Bay Board Co.? Great Question.


We are incredibly excited to launch and share our brand new 2020 Product Line. These boards and shapes are hands down the best we have ever designed and made. We are silly stoked and in a state of pure froth when we see, hold, and surf these new shapes and designs.


The Head Hauncha aka La Jefa aka The Queen aka The Best Mom in the World, Sophia Cecola (our Founder and CEO) has forced me to stall the release of our new products until summer (we still have some older 2019 designs to clear out). Mom always knows best, and again another smart move on her part. Luckily our 2019 boards are almost gone and the much needed summer of 2020 is here!

Be on the lookout for a hard launch of all our new boards in May 2020 - it's a somewhat global launch with limited inventory so please please please score while you can :)


Let's close out this virus lock down strong - stay healthy, eat right, wash and clean everything (not just your hands), and get ready for the greener grass on the summer side of the fence!



All the Best,

Alex @ South Bay Board Co.

Director of Operations & Product Design