Beaches on Lock Down... What Should We Do?

Hey Everyone,


Welcome and thanks for checking in this week. With the news being a bit scary lately and since we aren't able to escape the craziness to find peace in the ocean, we here at South Bay have become a little stir crazy and have found some things to do to not only keep the mind occupied as peacefully as possible, but also ways to stay in decent surf shape.


Hello, my name is Alex, I'm the Director of Operations & Product Design here at South Bay Board Co.. That's just a fancy way of saying I do a lot for this brand; from design, sourcing, testing, shipping, customer service, and marketing, I have my hand in it all. 


Being a direct to consumer, internet sales focused brand, we were fortunate enough to stay relatively busy with work, even during our off season months. Usually, I personally love the months of January-March as the surf is great, not crowded, and my work schedule is not as intense.


However, since some lady ate a bat, my ability to unplug and get some exercise by surfing has been literally non-existent.


So....what did we do? We made some things happen and found a way to get off the couch and unplugged from the craziness. Here's what we did/what we do since we can't surf:


|1| - We built a half pipe -- Yes this is a bit obscene, but to be fair, we started with a quick simple quarter pipe made of extra wood from spare pallets and plywood we had. The little quarter pipe ripped, so naturally we had to go bigger and better. Now we have a proper 2.5' tall x 8' wide x 23' long half pipe. We sucked at first, but after daily sessions ending with sweat drenched shirts, we are all smiles finally having some fun on a board again.


|2| - For the less extreme sessions, we have been practicing our balance. We simply are using our 5' Big Betsy Wake Surfboard and a regular foam roller from amazon. Similar to other balance boards, we place the board on top of the foam roller and practice our balance. I personally am able to cross step on the board  due to it's length and the softness of the foam roller - incredibly fun but I have fallen once or twice ;)


|3| - Street Surfing - We've been getting on the skateboards more lately and have had a blast exploring and discovering epic spots to skate. Now aren't hitting jumps or kick flips, simply looking for banks and steep driveways to carve and cruise on. We have a tarp, but not big enough to do the tube, but we have seen some epic videos and it does look fun.


With San Diego opening up their beaches, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the beaches open up. Until then, try out one of the above or be creative in finding ways to get out and off the internet and couch, free the mind and get some exercise. 


Fingers crossed this ends soon - we hope to see you out in the water!



Alex @ South Bay Board Co.

Director of Operations & Product Design