Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
Paddle Board Paddles
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Paddle Board Paddles

South Bay Board Co.

Regular price $53.00

Aluminum Adjustable Paddle - 2.2Lbs - Paddle Adjustment Range 65” inches - 84” inches (165cm - 213cm) So Kids & Adults Can Adjust As Needed For Personal Use

PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS - We know that there are the every day paddlers, the weekend warrior paddlers, and the “just getting started I need a paddle” paddlers - We designed our paddles with this in mind making sure they are made of high quality materials designed to take a beating and last. All of our paddles float in all water conditions :)

Each Paddle is adjustable which allows you to find your perfect paddle shaft length for whichever length you find most comfortable. Our paddles can range from 65” - 84” inches. Basically anyone who is at least 48” tall can use our paddles with ease. From 1.4 lbs - 2.2lbs, all of our paddles are light and quick to set-up. Shape: Our paddles have big faces designed for the entry level user to easily move water and have a nice glide with their SUP or ISUP. Tested in all types of condtions and currents, our Aluminum Paddle, Carbon Fiber Paddle, and 3 Piece Aluminum Paddle have all been built to our specifications that we believe work best for all levels in all types of water. Simple traditional paddle face shapes that have proven successful combined with modern materials are what our paddles are.

Your Choice From One of the Following (or possibly more than one):

  • Triton's Carbon Fiber Adjustable Paddle (Full CF Shaft Only)
  • Al's Aluminum Adjustable Paddle
  • 4 Piece Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
  • 4 Piece Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle (Full CF Shaft Only) 

Use your Paddle risk free and love it or choose to return it within 30 Days (re-stocking fee applies). We keep returns super easy and handle your shipping needs. Our paddles simply focus on performance, quality design, and utilizing the most durable materials to make sure your paddle is ready to go explore every time you are.

Please Contact Us with any questions you might have. We are here to be as informative and as helpful to you as we possibly can!


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