Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Paddle Board Cooler
Product image 1Paddle Board Cooler
Product image 2Paddle Board Cooler
Product image 3Paddle Board Cooler
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Paddle Board Cooler

South Bay Board Co.

Regular price $30.00

Our South Bay Board Co. SUP cooler attachment is the ultimate weekend warrior accessory for all the stand up paddlers out there. Want to keep a couple of cold ones available? Or maybe snack, sandwich while paddling? This cooler is perfect for keeping those cold for your time out on the water and hardly takes up any room at all.

14” Long x 12” Wide x 4” Thick our attachable paddleboard cooler can easily hold up to 10 cans or an equal amount of food. We sourced the best materials to to make our bag virtually WATER RESISTANT to prevent whatever you are transporting from getting wet. The inside of the bag has an extremely thick INSULATION specific material to keep your food or drinks cool and refreshing while you’re out on the water.  

Each cooler comes with the cooler itself as well as 4 velcro straps that allow the cooler to be used on ANY sort of stand up paddle board. Also comes with a small waterproof case to keep all of your personals safe while paddling!

Use our South Bay Board Co. cooler attachment risk free and with confidence for up to 30 Days. If you aren’t satisfied don’t hesitate to return it to us(re-stocking fees apply).  We make returns easy and stress free and handle all of your shipping needs. Our bags are designed to be easy to use, keep your board clean and safe from the elements. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns you might have. We are here to help in any way we can.



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