The Best Surfing Spots in Florida

Best Surfing Spots in Florida

Before hitting up the best surfing spots in Florida, you’ll need the right equipment. South Bay Board Co. is the premier water sports shop for all your surfing needs in the sunshine state. Whether you’re preparing to ride your first wave or want to enhance your surfing experience, South Bay Board Co. will ensure an excellent surf.

Best Surfing Beaches in Florida

Florida’s warm coastlines and soft sands make it the epicenter of East Coast surfing. So it’s no wonder potential and experienced surfers flock from far and wide to glide along the Gulf Stream waters. No matter where you are on your surfing journey, we are excited to offer you the ultimate tips for the best surfing beaches in Florida.

Surfing for Beginners

When you’re starting as a first-time surfer, knowing where to catch the right wave will significantly impact your surfing experience. The best surfing beaches in Florida for beginners will have accessible jetties and manageable waves. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you have the right board, apparel, and accessories before paddling out for the first time.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to drop into your first wave. Here are some of the top Florida surfing beaches for beginners.

1. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Florida Beach

Cocoa Beach ranks as one of the best surf beaches in Florida for its shallow sand bar and small waves. Though a popular city, the crowds are smaller compared to other Florida beaches. If you are still struggling to catch your first few waves, you can attend one of the many surfing schools nearby.

2. South Beach

South Beach Florida

South Beach is great for starter surfers who are in the Miami area. Because of its proximity to the Bahamas and other southern islands, the swells cannot create large waves. As a result, you’ll always have perfectly achievable waves for easy practice.

3. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach Florida

If you’re looking for a more isolated place to learn how to surf, check out New Smyrna Beach. Its northern location makes it the best surf beach in Florida for more quiet training than southern spots. Located just below the Ponce Inlet, it is famous for consistent waves.

Surfing on Big Waves

After gaining comfort with your board, you may feel ready to catch a more thrilling ride. Before riding into the barrel, prepare with the proper safety precautions. Bring a friend or fellow surfer for the first few times to ensure safety and stability when attempting larger waves.

Additionally, consider scoping out the area with goggles and a mask before surfing out. Being familiar with your surroundings before attempting more giant waves ensures safety and maximizes your chances of success. These locations are perfect for the confident surfer ready to hang ten on the best surfing spots in Florida.

1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Florida

The hefty swells of Palm Beach make it one of the best beaches for surfing in Florida. Palm Beach is a gem with many easy-to-access sand bars and rolling waves at each spot. For optimal surfing, go in the morning or evening.

2. Destin Beach

Destin Beach Florida

Situated along the Florida Panhandle is the surfer paradise of Destin Beach. The clear waters give surfers the best view of what lurks below the surface and inside the wave. So whether you’re getting into a barrel or jumping off, you’ll know what to expect before it happens.

3. Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet Beach

Sebastian Inlet is notorious for its massive waves and local legendary surfers like Kelly Slater, Matt Kechele, Lisa Anderson, and many others. As one of the best Florida surfing beaches, you can expect sizeable waves. However, practice good judgment and caution when tackling these monster swells, as they are dangerous for the unprepared.

Uncrowded Place for Surfing

Whether or not you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, everyone appreciates practicing in the peace and quiet of their own company. You can focus on challenging yourself without the distractions that fellow surfers and beachgoers bring to the water. For safety concerns, always let someone know where you’re going beforehand if you plan to surf alone.

After finding your secret spot and giving a friend a heads-up, you’re ready for a solo ride. Consider some of these tranquil selections for water adventurers looking for a tranquil place to hone their craft.

1. Boynton Beach Inlet

The promise of solid waves does not necessarily mean a crowd at Boynton Beach Inlet. This low-key beach is one of the best surfing beaches in Florida. To maximize your surfing experience, go during the winter months for consistently clean waves.

2. Flagler Beach

Just north of the Ponce Inlet is Flagler Beach, one of the best secrets Florida has to offer. The red beaches allow surfers to catch waves of all sizes without too much bustle or commotion. However, the trade-off for this serene surfing may include climbing the eroded shorelines after a day of surfing.

Whether you’re waxing up your board for the first time or paddling out to your usual spot, there is somewhere for every surfer in Florida. South Bay Board Co. offers a treasure trove of knowledge on where to catch the best waves. So, which do you think is the best surf beach in Florida?

Discover the Surfing Spots in Florida

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