Everything A Beginner Surfer Needs To Know Part 2

So you've seen or read the first part to this series, now we have came back with a part two. This is for anyone who is looking to get into the water and needs and few extra tips from us here at South Bay Board Co. Let's get into it. 

 Know Your Surf Gear                                                                                             It helps to have these terms in your artillery from the start so you can focus on what the salesperson or instructor is saying.

Surf Leash
The plastic rope that goes around your ankle and onto your board, keeps it from getting lost on a wipeout. Make sure that it is as long as your board, or else it can be more of a hazard than a help.

Surf Wax
You don’t need all that much of this, but you do need to clean and wax your board every two to three months. It’s essentially what helps you defy gravity - providing the grip for your feet to stay on the board.

You’ll need lots of this - more than you think. Definitely opt for a water-resistant one that won’t pollute the ocean with an oily film.

Surf Suits or Rash Guards
You may end up staying in the water for longer than you planned. Here a wetsuit or surf suit, or at least a rash vest or chafe vest comes in very handy. It’s also good for protecting your body from jellyfish stings if you’re surfing in places they are too frequent.

Surfboard Traction Pads
This rubber pad is not a necessity but serves as an easy replacement for surfboard wax. It provides more grip but can peel off in bits and leave a sticky residue on your board. They do not stick on soft boards though, so should not be on your beginner surfing shopping list.

Common Beginner Surfer Mistakes

Just a few quick things to avoid.

Riding The Wrong Surfboard
As discussed above, this could make or break your new hobby. If you don’t want to buy a soft-top longboard and think you won’t be using it for long, try renting one till you think you’re ready to progress to something else.

Abuse of Surfboards
Handle your surfboard with care - rinse it down with fresh water after each use, don’t store it in the sun or heat, and try not to ding it. If it does get a ding, have it repaired on the double.

Not Putting On Enough Sun Protection
This is true for just about any sport, but don’t underestimate the wickedness of the sun when you spend a whole day in the water.

Paddling Out in the Wrong Spot
Be sure not to paddle out in front of the line-up where you will get in the way of the other surfers patiently waiting their turn for a wave.

Giving Up Too Soon
See the learning as part of the sport and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while you’re there. Don’t give up just because it is hard, be patient because it is hard.

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And because it’s hard - take your time. Watch the others, get the right gear, and be patient. Learning how to surf can be daunting - I mean it practically defies gravity - standing up on a narrow board like that while the ocean crashes around you.

But it looks exhilarating too, right? While we can’t help you pluck up your courage or put in the hours in the water to learn how to surf, we’d be stoked to help you choose your first surfboard.

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