Best Longboard Surfboards


Ah, the famous longboard! These boards are loved by most and there's a great reason for that! Aside from being heaps of fun, they also enable you to surf in more conditions. Yip, we’re thinking the same thing - MORE SURF DAYS!
Longboards are far easier in the waves than your typical shortboard. That wave that you’re always dying to catch, the longboard will get you there, whether you’re new to surfing or have been playing in the waves for years.

Having a longboard in your board collection just makes sense, so if you’re looking for inspiration, let’s dive in!
What are Longboards?

It’s pretty self-explanatory, in that it’s a long surfboard, but to get a bit technical, longboards typically measure at least three feet longer than the rider's height.

This can range anywhere from around 8-11 ft long, with big, rounded noses, wide decks, and extra thickness for increased volume.

It’s true that if you wake up feeling a bit lazy but still keen for a surf, your longboard will still leave you with a fulfilled session. That’s because riding a longboard is an entirely different experience from your shortboard experience. It’s relaxed and pretty chilled overall. Just as all surfboard technology has, longboards have come a hell of a long way in terms of design concepts and functionality.

The longer shape of a longboard makes paddling a lot easier for you to catch smaller waves and allows the board to plane early, getting you to your feet easily. Riding with a longboard does call for a change in riding style though. With a shorter board, board turns are easy on the face of a wave, but with a longer board, you are still able to turn the board, but you need to walk down the board to engage the turn.

The Various Longboard Surfboard Designs

If you’re after the best long surfboard, we’ve got you covered! There are several varying shapes and sizes available and you can choose the one that suits your surfing style. You can find nose riders, performance shapes, boards for beginners, and even hybrids to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Classic Logs

Everyone loves a classic, and the classic log is the ultimate go-to option when surfers are keen to maximize their skills in the waves with a more stylistic surfing approach associated with logging. Classic logs are perfect wish mushy waves, small waves, and even huge rippers!

Longboarding itself was seen as early as the fifties and these Classic logs were all you saw in the water. They only ever come with a large, single fin that digs deep into the water, providing great balance, and holding and helping the board's lift, drag, and hydrodynamics. With the perfect combination of lift in drag, you’re able to remain locked into the wave pocket without speeding past the section as one might with shortboards.

Single fins vary, and you’re making the right choice when you understand the style of surfing you enjoy the most and hope to experience with your longboard. If you’re unsure, watch a view video, consult a surfing chart, and decide from there which board and style match you!
The Performance Longboard Surfboards

Fast forward to the future, and longboards are still around, but performance longboards are the new take. Chilling out there on the nose is great, but when you’re competing, you’re probably amped to get those aggressive turns right, with a bit more speed and help, to conquer those steeper, larger waves.

Speaking of the nose, the nose of a Performance log isn’t quite the same as a nose rider, it’s a bit narrower. The outline of the deck is also narrower, leading to the tail. The less width there is leading down to the tail, the easier the board is to maneuver. You’ll have better control over the direction of your board as well.

The All-Rounder Longboards
Let’s keep this simple - A hybrid board, also known as an allrounder, is literally what it says. It’s a mixture of all the great things about a classic log and a performance board. It brings together the most common noses, tails, contours, rails, and rockers of each. Hybrid boards hit the nail on the head with the best combo of noseriding stability and larger wave riding ability, without performance being compromised.

These logs are a favorite in the surfing community due to the versatility they come with. These boards are for anyone that wants to bottom turn just as well as they can keep their toes or heels safely perched on the nose!

The Beginner Longboard Surfboards
If you’re new to surfing - the list of board options all sounds thrilling! But, at the same time, a touch daunting. Starting, I would go for the slightly safer option until you’re comfortable with your style and the surf. That’s why a fun shape is a far better and more reliable option.

What Are The Best LongBoard Surfboards

There isn’t only one answer here, but at this point, we’re sure you can see that. Everyone is different and the best longboard is the board that suits you!
So, how to know what the best longboard is for you? Start by deciding what type of waves you’d like to ride. Are you after that classic and stylish approach to surfing where you’re mostly perched out on the nose? Then a nose rider could be the best for you! However, if mimicking shortboarding is what you’d like to achieve with smaller waves, then you might be well fitted to a performance log.

For the best of both worlds - a hybrid ticks all the boxes!

The ultimate advice at this point is to watch a few videos and surf tutorials, as well as try your friend’s boards. Understand the shapes a bit better and make an informed decision.

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