3 Reasons Why Every Surfer Needs a Softop

Over the past couple of years, softops have charged into the surf market, providing a fun alternative to conventional surfing. Many have hopped on the train, however, some are still skeptical to replace their favorite UP or epoxy shortboard with a foam counterpart. And how can you blame them, as every surfer has a favorite board that they’ve gone to battle with. However, as surfers, our relationship with the ocean is always changing, as should our use of boards. We made this post for all those that are considering getting a softop surfboard. Here are three reasons why every surfer needs a softop.


  1. Your funnest sessions can be during the worst surf.

As a surfer from the south bay of Los Angeles, I know the feeling of a disappointing Surfline experience. With winter swells being the main source of consistently pumping waves, a large part of the year is filled with some pretty crummy, uninspiring surf. On these days I usually have a pretty miserable time on my shortboard. But when I instead decide to take out a softop, a day like that can become one of my funnest sessions of the week. If you’re seeing similar conditions at your local break, I’d recommend taking out a log, like the 9’6 Tortuga or 8’8 Heritage. These things glide for days and will catch basically anything. Or you can go down a size, like the 4’10 Huevo which even a 6’2 guy like myself can ride. Either way, you’ll be able to totally expand your game while finally remembering what stress-free surf feels like during those poor conditions.

  1. A board you’ll know will last over the years

I’ll never forget the feeling of finding a board on Craigslist that I had been searching for months. It was an almost ten-year-old model of a Mayhem that looked practically brand new. I took it out over two days, three different sessions, and on the third, I snapped it. Months of searching for a new board to have it for only two days. Although the stoke was worth it, I reconsidered my experience of buying used boards for hundreds of dollars from strangers. I realized I could have spent the same money on a new softop, and not have had to buy a new board for years. The durability of South Bay’s softop hybrids is hard to match and makes for even easier repairs if damage does occur. Being able to get the speed of a hard bottom surfboard and the durability of a softop makes for a pretty stellar investment. 

  1. You can develop surf skills faster

Softops are universally easier to ride when compared to wood or epoxy boards. This makes them popular among beginners, but softops have the ability to elevate any surfer’s skills, regardless of what skill level they’re at. As a slightly taller guy, I’ve had trouble surfing shortboards below 6ft. Never did I think I could so easily ride a 4’10 or a 5’5 than I did when I tried out the Huevo and Big Betsy. These boards have similar performance to my wooden shortboards, but let me do everything so much easier. Whether it’s getting up on the board, doing bottom turns, or even performing airs, surfing on a softop will make everything easier. 

If you’re still unsure, try one out yourself. We allow walk-ins at our warehouse where you can see the boards for yourself. Also be sure to stay tuned to our social media, where we’ll eventually have demo days where you can come to your local beach and try them for free. Either way, we hope to see you out there on a softop.

Stay stoked,