8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
8'8 Heritage Surfboard
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Product image 28'8 Heritage Surfboard
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8'8 Heritage Surfboard

South Bay Board Co.

Regular price $379.00

8'8 Heritage Soft Top Surfboard - 104” long x 23” wide x 3” thick, 86L - INCLUDES: Surfboard + Fins + Leash

8'8 Soft Top Surfboard - The 8'8 Heritage is the perfect Longboard Soft-Top Surfboard for all the soul surfers out there with a sleek frame, round nose and squash tail, this massive foamie paddles easily, catches waves early, and can gain speed quickly. Our unique soft-top shape and added multiple features make it incredibly durable compared to standard soft-top surfboards. The perfect soft-top longboard surfing experience for all ages and surf abilities.

104” long x 23” wide x 3.25” thick. The 8’8 Heritage Soft-Top Longboard Surfboard features a unique 8’8 long, 23” wide surfboard with a squash tail w/ rubber bumper (for sharper turns and safe vertical storage), Compressed Finger Print Textured IXPE Foam Deck (NO WAX NEEDED), Hand Tapered Rails, Beginner Friendly Nose Rocker to help prevent nose diving, Slight Tail Rocker for release in your turns, & our Bottom Deck Features a Slick HDPE surface with a full Double Concave shaved from the nose to the tail.

Our 8’8 Heritage Soft-Top Longboard is made through a Mold and Vacuum Sealed strengthening process, NOT cheap heat laminated. The 8’8 Heritage has a Double Concave Bottom Deck which has a Cross-Hatch Impact Threading, helps absorb direct impacts and disperse them. The EPS Foam Closed Cell Core Will NOT take on water & has 3 Stringers (2 Full Length Hand Resined Wooden Stringers + 1 2/3 Length Fiberglass Center Rod ). PVC Lined Fin Holes. IXPE Compressed Finger Print Textured Foam Deck(NO WAX NEEDED). Added hands free Heat Release Valve and PVC line fin holes to prevent any unwanted water entry. 

The purchase of one 8’8 Heritage Soft-Top Longboard Surfboard will include the Surfboard, the 9’ Rishu Surfboard Leash, and a complete Soft-Top Surfboard Screw-In Fin Set (3 Thruster Plastic Screw In Fins, 5 Fins Screws, and 1 Leash Plug Screw). || Package Options will also include 1 Set of Surfboard Paint Pens, 1 Surfboard Stomp Pad, & 1 9' Hele Surfboard Bag. The fins are easily attached with a coin and the leash comes with a leash string to attach your leash to the leash plug on your surfboard.

Rider Weight Range:
Beginner Surfers: 100<—>210lbs

Experienced Surfers: Up to 260lbs

Skill Level: 
Beginner Surfer <—> Casual Wave Ripper

Use your 8'8 Heritage Surfboard risk free for up to 30 Days & Love it or Return it back to us (re-stocking fee applies). We keep returns super easy and handle your shipping needs, keeping the process stress free and as fast as possible. Our Soft Top Surfboards are made with only the best quality, specifically sourced materials. We pride ourselves on providing the best designed, highest quality, & best performing soft top surfboards on the market at an unbeatable value. The 8'8 Heritage Surfboard is designed for a larger beginner to have a board that's fun and easy for them to learn to surf too! Then when you are done learning, you can start carving and walking the board and if you got it dialed in,  get to some styled hang ten longboarding sessions.

Please Contact Us with any questions you might have. We are here to be as informative and as helpful to you as we possibly can!

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