48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
48" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 148" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 248" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 348" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 448" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 548" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 648" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 748" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 848" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 948" Huevo Surfboard
Product image 1048" Huevo Surfboard

48" Huevo Surfboard

South Bay Board Co.

Regular price $125.00

Our 48" Huevo is black ball ready and features a rounded nose, widened chest area and a super wide tail for easy pop-ups and stable, YET loose feel for those with a little more surf experience. The Huevo has South Bay's exclusive Fingerprint Texture Foam Deck which means you won't ever need to wax this board. We designed the Huevo with performance in mind but we also didn't forget about safety when it comes to those crowded summer beach days. 

At 48" long x 22" wide x 3" thick with 28L of Volume the Huevo can easily support surfers up to 150lbs. Fingerprint textured IXPE Foam Top Deck = NO WAX NEEDED. HDPE Bottom deck combines to make the Huevo safe, fast and fun. Includes FCS Fin Box Set-Up for easy swap of any FCS Fin Set. The Huevo is a small, fast and loose board but still allows you to have control in the pocket. 

Rider Weight Range:

Up to 150lbs

Skill Level: 

Beginner Grom<--->Experienced Surfer 

Ride your Huevo risk free and love it for up to 30 days or return it(re-stocking fees apply). Our Soft Top Surfboards are made with the best quality, specifically sourced materials and we firmly stand behind our products 100%. We surf all of our boards and absolutely love this one on busy black ball days simply because it's easy to ride and keeps getting us out in the water. 

Please Contact Us with any questions you might have. We are here to be as informative and as helpful to you as we possibly can!





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