When to Avoid Going Out

The idea of having the luxury to surf daily throughout the year sounds great, but unfortunately it is impossible given the unpredictable nature of the ocean. There are only a few spots in the world where this is possible, and in most locations, you are lucky to have a great swell even once in twelve months. This can be very disappointing and make us lose hope. Nevertheless, even when the camera shows good waves, it may not be ideal for you to go out. This guide is intended to help you understand when to go out and when to avoid it.

What are the occasions when you'd rather stay in?

For the last week or so, the local beach has been flat, and you've been stuck watching pros surfing perfect waves on the internet. Fortunately, a swell has just arrived although it is not ideal. Before you immediately jump in, it is important to assess the surf and consider if you have the ability to ride these waves. Ask yourself if you can make it out of major closeouts or tight sections, and are you comfortable with steep, fast waves? Be honest with yourself and don't overestimate your skill level. Even though it might be tempting to take on 12-foot surf, be aware of the risks and your skill level.

It's important to protect both yourself and other surfers by not going in the water when you don't feel comfortable. Observing the other surfers and how they surf can help you decide if you would be able to match their level of ability. Additionally, there's no need to be embarrassed if you end up at the beach and decide not to surf. Instead, why not get an SBBC Beach Umbrella and just relax on the sand? After all, watching others get pounded by the waves is often more entertaining than being pounded yourself!