Top 5 Beaches To Surf In Los Angeles and Orange County

Best Beaches to Surf in LA and OC

Whether you're visiting Southern California on vacation or you live here, we love to surf and find new spots. South Bay Board Co is located here in Orange County, California and these are our top 5 beaches we recommend to surf in the OC and LA area.

Let's get into our top 5 beaches and why we love them!

Blackies, Newport Beach

This location is located on the North Side of Newport Pier, in between the pier and the jetty. It is an extremely beginner friendly beach with soft breaks and an easy paddle out. Making it easier for you to go out and catch as many waves as you can.

Seal Beach, OC

Located in Seal Beach, this break is located on the North side of the pier. Alike with blackies it has an easy paddle out along with soft breaks. Also a plus, this beach offers a ton of places to go eat and explore after a good surf sesh.

Doho, Doheny State Beach

We cannot forget about our beaches that are a bit more south but equally as good. Located in the beautiful Dana Point, California this beach has it all. Good surf, easy paddle out, awesome views, and easy and accessible parking. The vibes at this beach are some of the best.


El Porto, Manhattan Beach

This break is a top spot for beginner surfers and everyone in LA. Located in the heart of South Bay, LA this beach is a must for surfers in the area. The surf stays consistent all year and has some of the best waves in the winter.

Malibu, California

Last but not least, Malibu is iconically known to be one of the best longboarding spots and definitely upholds its reputation. Whether you come to this beach to surf or for the vibes, we highly recommend.

Whether you're a local or traveling, we hope that you get to check out all of these beautiful waves. Nevertheless, don't forget you can always come check us out at our warehouse located in Garden Grove CA, or online at