The Beginners Guide to the 8' Verve

Everyone loves surfing! Whether you’re out there in the water or watching from the beach, it’s a loved sport. There’s only so long that you watch from the beach before deciding it’s time to give it a try and join the wave riders out there yourself. Choosing a board is the first thing you’ll need to do, and the length of the board is important.

Before we get into it, let's go over why the size of a surfboard is so important. Whether you are a new or experienced surfer we have a board that fits everyone's needs.

One of our favorite and most popular boards here at South Bay Board Co is the 8ft Verve. This is a premium board that has helped lots of surfers give their first steps.

The specs on this board are some of the best and most convenient. Like most of our boards these do not need to be waxed and already come with a fingerprint texture for great grip.

As well as a squash tail and widened chest for more stability, complimenting it with a rounded nose. All these features make it easier for turns, faster paddling, stability, and for a more casual feel.

This is the perfect board to begin all your surf adventures. 


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