How to Ollie in less than 2 Minutes

In this video we are breaking down every detail of this magical trick called Ollie. Helping you learn the right way, so you are stoked from the get-go! 
Once you learn how to Ollie, you unlock a whole new world on your skateboarding journey!

South Bay Skate Co skateboards are setup to give you a responsive, agile ride and the ability to roll over even the roughest ground with ease.
The Charger series are our take on the best complete decks available for Beginners to start learning with but also for experienced skaters to further develop their skills with.

Here at South Bay Skate Co, we only focus on the best trucks, bearings, and wheels for our complete decks. The dual-sport of skateboards, The Charger Skateboards are perfectly at home sending it in the skatepark, charging it out on the street, or popping a first ollie at home on the driveway.

Ready to go right out of the box 🤘

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See you out there, Cheers!