How to be the best kook you can be

For each and every surfer out there, one thing is always true. They were a kook at some point, everybody was. If you’ve recently discovered your own kook identity you might be conscious of how you look in the water. Mistakes are embarrassing and there’s nothing worse than awkwardly getting in the way of another surfer. Although the first couple weeks or month as a beginner surfer might seem tough, there’s nothing stopping you from having fun. Despite your skill level, being in the water should always yield the best time possible, so here are ways to be the best kook you can be. 


Learn to Bail

Not getting waves in a session sucks, but being in the water is rewarding enough of an experience so that its worth it anyway. The only time when surfing isn’t worth it is when you injure yourself or someone else. Having an incident happen in the water may seriously deter you from surfing again. This is why learning how to safely bail, turtle roll, and when to chicken dive are paramount. Learn these skills first and you won’t have to hinder your progression in future. Plus it means you’ll never have a bad day in the water.   

Surf With Your Friends

When you’re starting out as a surfer it’s best to go with at least one other experienced friend. This should be someone that knows spots that are beginner friendly and are sure to get let you shine. Waves that are hallow near shallow breaks are not these kinds of spots. Be sure to surf somewhere with a lot of water underneath you so you won’t need to be afraid when bailing on a wave. This allows you to actually send it on waves, which friends always love to see. 

Don’t Shoulder Hop

As a beginner surfer, you have every opportunity to be a respectable surfer as long as you don’t snake. Not looking both ways before going for a wave is a sure fire way to make yourself look like a total novice. Be respectful, and even if you’re a kook, people will still like you.

Surf the Inside Waves

If you have trouble getting out the back, its always an option to surf the inside sets. These waves are closer to the shore and don’t require you to paddle out as far. Be sure to understand wave mechanics so you can avoid hitting the ground. If the waves aren’t suitable for surfboards, try body surfing or skim boarding. 

Ride A Softop

Softops always provide a great advantage for beginner surfers to to progress faster and catch more waves. This makes being a kook far less noticeable since you’ll be getting frequent waves.   

At the end of the day, surfing should always be centered around one thing. Fun. The joy of riding waves is what keeps bringing us out to the ocean, and we’re forever grateful. I hope these suggestions make it easier to be a kook.