Can A Professional Surfer Ride a Soft-Top?


Surfing is an extreme sport that requires skill, strength, and athleticism. Surfboards are the most important tool for surfers, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Soft top surfboards are a relatively new addition to the market, and they have been gaining popularity among surfers of all levels. But can a professional surfer ride a soft top surfboard?

What is a Soft Top Surfboard?
A soft top surfboard is a type of surfboard that has a foam deck and soft rails. They are typically heavier and more buoyant than traditional surfboards, making them easier to paddle and catch waves. Soft top surfboards are often used by beginners and intermediate surfers who are learning to surf. They are also used by experienced surfers who want to try new tricks and maneuvers without risking injury on a hardboard.

South Bay Board Co offers a variety of shapes and sizes, including longboards, shortboards, and fish. They are also available in different thicknesses, which affects their buoyancy and stability in the water. Everything about these boards make it ideal for everyone.

Can a Professional Surfer Ride a Soft Top Surfboard?
The short answer is yes, a professional surfer can ride a soft top surfboard. In fact, many professional surfers have been known to ride soft top boards in competitions and free surf sessions. Soft top surfboards are versatile and can be used in a variety of conditions, making them a great option for surfers who want to experiment with new styles and maneuvers.

One of the main advantages of riding a soft top surfboard is its buoyancy. Soft top surfboards are easier to paddle and catch waves on, which can be a big advantage in competitions. They are also less likely to get damaged than traditional surfboards, which can be a huge advantage for surfers who travel frequently.

Travis Logie vs The 5'5 Big Betsy
The South Bay Board Co team recently went out to El Porto in Los Angeles with Travis Logie. A former world tour surfer for over a decade, and gave him a few of our boards to test out. Travis chose to surf the 5’5 Big Betsy and he did not disappoint. The 5'5 is apart of our hybrid collection and has a wax-free foam soft-top deck and a glassed epoxy bottom. 

He had never surfed a soft top in his life and said the idea of surfing one felt a bit foreign to him. Although, we were positive with whatever board we gave him, he would show out.

The conditions at El Porto were knee to waist high on a sunny morning. It was going to be a real test for Travis, would he be able to surf a soft-top in less than ideal conditions?

Travis paddled out and all cameras were ready to see the action that waited ahead, and confidently we can say that Travis absolutely ripped.

After riding many waves and getting used to the feeling of the 5’5 Big Betsy, there was plenty to say.

Travis claimed that the 5’5 surpassed all of his expectations and, “by far the best option” for days like those in El Porto. A few things he enjoyed were the benefits the board gives like buoyancy, good planing speed, fingerprint grip traction on top, and it is not a deal breaker if you don't have wax.

Travis said he never understood the whole soft top fuss, but now gets it. It was a super fun day for everyone who was out there and a complete honor to get such a talented surfer on a South Bay Board Co board. Huge thanks to Brad Jacobson and Kevin Mendez for shooting such an amazing video and being a part of this with us.

In conclusion, soft top surfboards are versatile and a great option for surfers of all levels. They offer many advantages for beginners, intermediate surfers, and professionals alike. Whether you're learning to surf or trying out new maneuvers, a soft top surfboard may be the perfect tool for you. So grab your board and hit the waves!

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