Best Surf Trips for the East and West Coast

One of the best things about the winter season is that there are pumping swells to be found all along the coast. With how abundant the waves are, one would think that a surf trip is best during a season where your local break isn’t as firing. However, I think it’s criminal to submit yourself to only surfing 2 or 3 spots when the entire coastline has epic conditions. Surfing new spots, especially when they’re firing, is the best way at becoming a better surfer. Here are the best surf trip locations for both east and west coast surfers.   


San Diego, California

Our first location is a short trip down the coast to the always beautiful city of San Diego. SD is one of the most underrated cities in America, and let’s keep it that way. The superior waves and traffic makes it a breath of fresh air for an LA based surfer such as myself. Most of the best spots are located in North County, stretching from San Onofre all the way down to La Jolla. Recently, Blacks Beach has been described as California’s Pipeline given the amount of barrels it’s been getting this winter. My personal favorite spots are Beacons in Leucadia and Bird Rock in La Jolla, and La Jolla Reef. If you’ve yet to visit SD, you’re really missing out. Take a day trip  down there with some of your favorite boards and you’ll know what I’m talking about.



If you’re looking for tropical pumping waves then get your passport ready and take a trip down south of the border. Mexico has beautiful beaches, sandy shores, and clear blue water. There are a ton of spots in Mexico, all with cheap food and drinks. Out of the many places to see, I would recommend Ensenada, Puerto Escondido, or Scorpion Bay, which is described as the right-hander version of Skeleton Bay. Mexico makes for the perfect getaway due to its beautiful scenery and tropic temperatures.   


North Carolina

If you’re a surfer on the east coast, then chances are you’re aware of the amazing swells that Carolina gets. Some of the spots in NC in particular make for some of the best surf in the entire country particularly when it gets a hurricane swell. Some of the best spots to check out are Outer Banks, Wrightsville, and Surf City. These areas area also great for beginner surfers and those looking to vacation. If you’re near Greensboro, be sure to check out South Bay Board Co’s North Carolina warehouse and yourself a new board!


New Jersey/New York

If you’re up for some colder weather, then there’s no better place to score killer winter waves then the New Jersey and New York regions. There’s no bigger trip than getting barreling during an active snow storm. The waves that you find in this region of the country can’t be found anywhere else. Long Beach produces some of the most pumping waves when it gets the right kind of swell. New Jersey also has plenty of coastline where you can find insane waves. It’s also close to some great travel destinations, such as New York City which is a place that never gets boring.


If you have other suggestions for surf travel spots please let us know! Wherever you go, you’ll always have a great session if you’re surfing one of our boards.


Stay stoked,