Best Places to Bodyboard in Southern California

Bodyboarding is like the forgotten stepchild of water sports. And for all the flack it gets, it’s become severely under appreciated for what it offers. Bodyboarding is not only one of the most fun experiences you can have in the water, but it also will improve your sense and knowledge of the ocean. So much so that it will improve your surfing and wave reading ability. In general, you will become a better wave rider by bodyboarding, so here are some of the best places in California to do it. 

Bodyboard in California

Oceanside Beach

Oceanside is home of the World Bodyboarding Championships, and is one of the most well known surf communities along the entire coast. Oceanside is a beach break, which causes the sandbars to occasionally shift around. However, there are consistent peaks on both jetties, as well as both sides of the Oceanside pier. It’s a great spot if you’re relatively new at bodyboarding since there is a relatively low chance of injury. 

Zuma Beach

Malibu is one of the most iconic surf and bodyboard spots in all of Los Angeles. It’s an area that produces great waves in the summer, with beautiful scenery everywhere you look. Zuma Beach is a great bodyboarding spot since it produces waves that are often very hollow and have a lot of power. It you’re on a bodyboarding and are looking to charge, you gotta go for barrels.

La Jolla Reefs

La Jolla has some of the most notable surf spots in all of California. From Blacks Beach to Birdrock, there are tons of score-able waves. However, for the best bodyboard waves, I’d check out La Jolla Reef, which produces barreling slabs with steep drop ins, which makes getting waves easier for bodyboarders. However, be aware of the other surfers there, since many spots in San Diego are fairly localized. 

Lunada Bay

Located in Palos Verdes, Lunada Bay produces one of the best right-handers you can find. It’s not everyday that Lunada turns on, but when it does, people from all over flock to surf it. Because of how steep the waves are here, it’s a place where you can get some of the best bodyboarding waves of your life.

The Wedge

The Wedge is the most famous bodyboarding spot in the entire world. Located in Newport Beach, it gets it name from the wedge shape wave it produces. The spot started out as a bodysurfing spot, since most surfboards at the time were too long to make the steep drop. Once bodyboards became popular, however, the Wedge became the premier bodyboarding destination, as you can get insane barrels and airs. Use extreme caution for this spot, since the wave breaks directly onto the shore and can lead to serious injury. 

Before visiting any one of these spots, make sure you got the right gear to surf it. Check out our 42’’ Onda Beginner Bodyboard, and our 42’’ Razzo Pro Bodyboard. These boards let you score some of the best waves of your life.


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