Best Mid Length Surfboards

 Everyone loves surfing! Whether you’re out there in the water or watching from the beach, it’s a loved sport. There’s only so long that you watch from the beach before deciding it’s time to give it a try and join the wave riders out there yourself. Choosing a board is the first thing you’ll need to do, and the length of the board is important.

It’s not just short and long on the market, mid-length boards fulfill all the needs and all the fun that a new surfer might have. Speaking of the market, there’s a lot out there, we have a list of what we believe are some of the best to choose from.

Before we dive in, let’s first understand the “why” behind choosing the best mid-length surfboard, and once we’ve established that key factor, we’re choosing your board, and we’re going surfing!

Why Use A Mid-Length Surfing Board?

It’s purely down to one simple fact - a mid-length surfboard is designed for all surfers! Young, old, fresh in the water, or one with the sea, mid-length boards suit everyone! They’re also a great option when you compare them to the first fiberboard. That’s because of the wide tail-to-nose design!

A mid-length is essentially the go-between of a hybrid, a Mini Malibu, and a longboard. Their fin configuration is typically a 2+1 or 4+1 configuration. Having options when it comes to the fin setup, presents a unique experience when surfing because you’re able to transform the way the board surfs.

If you’re starting - you can never go wrong with a mid-length board. At the same time, if you’ve been surfing for years and want to have fun with tricks and testing new styles of surfing, then the mid-length is also your best bet! Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what you do for a living (kidding), for superior stability and smooth paddling out, this board will help you catch some sick waves.


What Are The Best Midsize Surfboards?

When you hear someone talking about the one-board quiver, they’re most likely to be wearing a massive smile on their face! This board is so popular because of its versatility in all water conditions. From knee-deep to serious rippers, this board is ideal!

The one-board quiver literally comes together to meet the needs of the longboarder and the short boarder. The mid-length boards sport modern designs and can easily handle any type of wave that it finds itself in or on, no matter the condition.

You’ll find a mid-length board to be about seven to eight feet lengthwise, but choosing the best mid-length surfboard is the key! Let’s dive in and take a look.
7′ Premium Foam Wax-Free Soft-Top Surfboards

The 7-foot Ruccus is the ideal surfboard if you’re into a bigger board and know your way around the waves! This board makes wave-catching a breeze with its sheer volume and pulled-in tail and pointed nose. Performance is key, and the 7’ won’t let you down! This board outperforms the 8'8 Heritage or 8' Verve - but it’s not to say that the 8 foot isn’t great, but it’ll certainly come down to preference in terms of what kind of surf you’re trying to experience. Side note - the 7' Ruccus’s unique foam texture saves you from having to add a stomp pad on the board.

8′ Guppy Surfboard

Ah, the guppy! This little gem of a board measures 8’ x 22” x 3”, with 80L of Volume. Why do we love this board so much? It was designed by Surfers that were motivated by the influential beginner shapes. As a starter board, the 8’ Guppy is epic! It makes learning to surf so much fun without having to break the bank doing it! The best part is that it’s an off-the-shelf-and-into-the-water board, no extras are needed! The 8’ Guppy comes complete with a board, leash, and safe round-edge fins!

South Bay Board Co Casper

This board is 6’8 in length and ideal for beginners and advanced surfers! It’s a mid-length board with a rounded nose and swallow-shaped tail. It’s great because it really helps you with your stability on the board and how to comfortably maneuver smooth turns. It’s a super forgiving board, so if you’re still learning out there, you can be sure that you’ll be carving the line comfortably. Its hand-tapered rails mean quick wave-catching and the best part is you don’t even need to wax it! The South Bay Board Co Casper has a semi-rough texture to it.

Salt Gypsy Mid Tide PU

You will love the Salt Gypsy Mid Tide PU if you're after versatility. You can surf this board in virtually any wave. It’s also great for younger, lightweight girls. Its outline is ideal for preparing for a turn at the open face of a wave. This board provides stability and maneuverability that makes paddling a piece of cake! For all ages, all skill levels, and all genders, the Salt Gypsy Tide PU is epic because it’s the board that keeps on giving!

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The ultimate takeaway from understanding the best mid-length surfboard is the fact that it can ride both pretty gnarly waves as well smaller knee-length tidal waves. Often you don’t always have the choice of where you can surf, so having all the best things on one board is key. Make sure you choose the best one to suit you, and if you need any more guidance, reach out to our team at South Bay Board Co, and we’ll get you surfing the best mid-length board in no time!