5 Things I Noticed While Surfing the Mahi

The 6’0 Mahi is one of the most versatile surfboards I’ve ever ridden. Its unique shape makes it both easy to ride and extremely rippable. This week I put the Mahi to the test by surfing it over this past swell. With some days seeing overhead waves, the board really stood its own. Here are five things I noticed about the Mahi over this past week.



The Mahi can go down the line extremely fast. Using a twin fin setup, I was able to surf fast breaking waves with ease. Once you get comfortable carving tight lines with the Mahi, you can really open up your surfing to a lot of new things.


Despite having the performance of a PU/epoxy shortboard, the Mahi is still a softop. Its got 40L of volume, making for a bigger board. However, in return the Mahi has massive paddling power and buoyancy, allowing you to get into any wave.

Duck Diving

Due to the higher amount of volume, duck diving is difficult. It can be hard for inexperienced duck divers to get the board under water, and its too small to be turtle rolled. However, duck diving the Mahi is like diving a larger board, in that you need to go rail to rail when getting the board under the water.

Increases Your Performance

The Mahi’s shape and construction makes it one of the easiest boards to rip on. The twin/quad fin setup allowes you experiment with both speed and control. The board is also great for practicing new tricks and maneuvers.

Good on Small Days Too

Its fish design allows the Mahi to excel in smaller waves. The paddling power and volume makes it get into almost anything. So even after this swell ends this board is still a ton of fun.


Stay stoked,