5 New Year’s Surf Resolutions

For all of us, the New Year is a time for a fresh start and new beginnings. It allows us to drop all our baggage from the previous year and start things out on the right foot. As surfers, we know that as long as we’re in the water, life couldn’t be more perfect. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things about our surfing that we can improve upon.  We can always be a better version of ourselves, especially when it comes to what we do in the water. So here are 5 New Year’s resolutions to make 2021 your best year for surfing.


Visit Other Surf Breaks

As a surfer who’s blessed to live near a semi decent surf break, I tend to get complacent when it comes to surfing other spots. We all know that driving sucks, and it you don’t wake up early enough to beat traffic you might miss all the good waves. However, resolutions require us to become better versions of ourselves, and that’s obviously gonna take some effort. Take this year as a challenge to wake up a bit earlier and take a trip along the coast. Surfing the same break over and over can get saturated, so be sure to refresh your mind by visiting that one spot that you never had time for. 

Start Stretching Before Every Surf

When the waves are firing, our initial reaction as soon as we’re at the beach is to run into the water. Those that love to charge know the feeling. However, health and longevity is often something that we forget about. A goal for my life is to surf for as long as I’m able to, and you should too. However, the only way you can do that is by taking care of your body. Stretching before surfing is essential when it comes to preventing injuries and extending your surf longevity. There’s nothing worse than being sidelined due to an injury, so use this resolution to build better habits of yourself. I promise you’ll be thanking yourself once you’re in your 60’s.

Surf With Friends

Surfing with friends is always more fun than surfing alone. Your friends motivate you, share waves with you, and keep you company along the way. Obviously as the pandemic continues, be extra cautious when choosing who to surf with, health is always a priority. However, once this passes, be sure to load your car up with all of your friends each time you go out. If you don’t have any friends that surf, use it as an opportunity to teach someone. This means you’ll finally have someone to go out with, and they’ll forever be grateful that you took the time to teach them the amazing art of surfing.

Expand Your Surfing

If you find that continuous shortboard surfing has become a bit dry, try adding a new board to your quiver to make things interesting. Either go for a step up, and give long boarding a try, or go even smaller, like surfing a Mini Simmons or our 4’10 Huevo. Either way, by trying something new, you’re having more fun all while improving your surfing skills.

Surf Every Damn Day

Despite all the BS that’s occurred this past year, we at least can be grateful for surfing. To show your gratitude, make an effort to surf every single day that you can. By doing so, you’ll become more happy, less stressed, and ultimately a better surfer. Be sure to take a break during the days that it rains or if its too big out, as there are still other ways to improve your surfing even when you’re not in the water. But remember, life is always better when you’re surfing.


What are your New Year’s surf resolutions? Be sure to let us know on social media, and stay tuned for all the amazing things South Bay Board Co. is coming out with in 2021.


Hope to see you out there,