3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Soft-Top

In the past few years, the softop board has made a big splash in the surfing industry as a fun, different option compared to traditional boards. Some have jumped on them, while others have reservations about switching out their favorite UP or epoxy shortboard. We understand why - it's tough to part with a board you've grown so close to. But as surfers, our relationship with the ocean is ever-evolving, and so should our choice of boards. We created this post for those who are debating getting a soft-top. Here are three compelling reasons why every surfer needs one.

1. Your best sessions can be on the worst days.

As someone from the south bay of Los Angeles, I understand how frustrating a Surfline experience can be when the winter swells don't provide the good surf. On these days, my shortboard usually doesn't bring me much joy. But when I switch to a soft-top, it can be one of the best surfs of the week. If you're in a similar situation, I'd recommend getting a log like the 9'6 Tortuga or 8'8 Heritage - they catch waves no matter the condition and you can cruise on them for days. Or you can go with a 4'10 Huevo, which even a tall person like myself can ride. This way, you can still have a blast and forget all the stress associated with poor surf conditions.

2. A board that has proven longevity. 

The thrill I felt when I found a board on Craigslist that I had been looking for for months was amazing. It was an almost ten-year-old Mayhem and it appeared brand new. I used it for multiple sessions but unfortunately, it snapped on the third one. I reflected on the money I had spent on a used board from a stranger and thought that I could have used the same amount to buy a new soft-top. South Bay's soft-top hybrids have great durability, which makes repairs easier if any damage occurs. The combination of a hard bottom and a soft-top gives an awesome return on investment. 

3. You can develop surfing skills at a faster pace.

Compared to wood or epoxy boards, soft-tops are much simpler to ride and this makes them a favorite among newbies. However, soft-tops also have the ability to improve the skills of surfers regardless of their current proficiency. As a taller person, I found it difficult to surf on shortboards shorter than 6 feet. But when I tested out the Huevo and Big Betsy, I was amazed at how easily I could ride a 4'10 or 5'5. These soft-tops have similar performance to my wooden boards, but with much less effort. Soft-tops make it easier to get on the board, make bottom turns, and even perform aerial tricks. 

If you haven't made up your mind yet, why not come to our warehouse and take a look at the boards? We look forward to seeing you out there.